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The concept behind Bharat Aeps

Even after reaching an impressive level of development across all walks of existence, India is a developing country lacking things that keep poor people from being left behind. This digital revolution of India is happening fast. But, there’s something that acts as a huge wall between people who are digitally behind and their accessibility to the digital age and virtual financial assistance. The amount of financial literacy is relatively poor among people living in remote regions. Therefore, the necessity to remove this barrier to creating a platform that could, in the real sense, make the digital revolution in the financial services to every limit of India.

There is a noticeable absence of ATMs and bank branches in some regions of India. Many of the population are affected by the inaccessibility of the financial services today’s India offers, which makes them operate with cash. Bharat Aeps was therefore brought to help convert cash into a digital device. Bharat Aeps set out to assist individuals in minimizing the use of cash by offering users a digital method to enable more efficient, modern, and efficient use of cash. The rural economy is unstructured cities, semi-urban areas, and even urban regions that were thought to be supported by Bharat Aeps through user-friendly financial, banking, and payment services.

How Bharat Aeps Conduct this Business ?

Bharat Aeps onboard agents throughout every corner of the country, especially in most Village regions. In promoting and facilitating the employment potential of shop owners in the local area, Bharat Aeps is also enabling them to be digitally empowered. As consequently, they can assist those in their area by promoting the idea of financial services in all their basic forms. Bharat Aeps, with its extensive network of agents, provides all of the digital services related to the financial sector to the underbanked, unbanked, digitally illiterate, and migrants in India.
Bharat Aeps has its agents as the drivers of the digital journey of financial services. Additionally, Bharat Aeps possesses a strong base of hardworking and dedicated human resources, with an innovative mindset and drive to contribute to the nation’s rapid growth. Therefore, Bharat Aeps helps provide essential financial and banking services for the people who live in the final step of society. Through its nifty working system and diligent workforce, the economy that was unstructured in rural areas is transformed into a modern working system. Bharat Aeps is generating exciting opportunities, and is enticing people to participate in financial inclusion.

New Experiance
Of Mobile Banking

A determination to create India as an inclusive financial nation is the main driver behind our initiatives. We’re determined to offer financial services simply and easily to all, no matter where they are.
On this journey, we are supported by our dedicated retail partners and our community of retailers, who are the force multiplier for our projects. We will ensure that our retail partners can grow and flourish in the digital age, and we can build an improved India together.

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Our Services Make
Your Earning in Life More Than other Brands.

We are a team of digitally-driven individuals who design a ladder of possibilities for those who require access to new ways of working and earning a living through offering financial services to the population that is not served.
We at BharatAeps develop concepts that allow us to create job opportunities for local entrepreneurs, shop owners, youngsters, and marginalized people. We also encourage an entrepreneurial mindset of individuals and offer access to digital innovations in the financial and banking industry, even in remote situations.
Our services aim to eliminate the causes contributing to the rise of digital literacy and access to financial services. We promote financial inclusion through the digitalization of individuals. We provide proprietors of local shops technologies and the necessities that will help them able to provide the services BharatAeps provides. Additionally, local shop owners provide all of the services to residents in their area.

Aadhaar Banking

Aeps, Aadhaar pay, Mini-Statement, Balance Enquiry, Cash Deposit, Payout


Electricity, Water, Gas, Phone, Broadband, FatTag, Municipal taxes, Postpaid and more

Prepaid Recharge

Mobile & DTH recharge


GST Registration, GST Return, ITR, Company Registration and more........

Why Choose Us ?

We are not like others , we are #1 Best platform provider than others. You can track your transaction easily with your panel . No need to complaint, No need to Write down the complaint no. and wait for weeks or Months to solve your Transaction errors . Just track your Failed transaction and get it short-out with that Problems easily & Instantly .

We Secure Your
Data Savely

With us we Assure you that your data as a Documents you provided is Secured with us , and we don’t sell or pass the data of our Merchants to others or any 3rd party.  We understand the importance of your data and how much you documents needs to be secure , and we assure you that your data with us are more secured than the others.

Easy To Transfer To Another Bank

when we doing Aeps Tranaction we have a thought of settlement , How much time it takes, Amount will be settled or not? No worry your Amount in the wallet is 100% secure and you can settle the amount anytime 24*7 you want . Just select IMPS when ever you settle the amount.

Safe And Secure Transaction

All the Transaction needed to be passed with a 2nd step verification , it’s a T-Pin facility which have been impleted for all the service and it’s transaction requested by you . we done this for your Amount security , If someone got you ID & Pass with notifying you and they login to your account for money scam , then they can’t every transaction will be passed after a right T-Pin inputed.

Easy solutions for your Transaction

We have added some Additional Facility where you can find you default transaction easily . As many company have their customer care to listen you problems , they note that complaint and forward you the Complaint no. and the complaint takes 2-7days to solve . But we are different , we added these facilities to your Panel where you can just put the Transaction ID and check Update the Transaction, and the issues will solved with seconds.

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About Our Apps ?

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