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Bharat Bill Pay System offers a system that can handle all kinds of bill payments. The service is accessible through various payment methods, both on the web and through a system of agents. The BBPS can transform society into a cashless electronic payment and make it more cash-free. BBPS provides bill collection categories, such as DTH, telecom, electricity, water, gas bills, and more. From a single screen.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhances security and speed of bill paying.
  • Access to one-stop
  • Payment options in multiple ways
  • Instant confirmation of payment through either an SMS message or receipt.
  • Create a seamless, standardized, and seamless ecosystem of transactions.
  • In time, the Settlement of Transactions
  • A reliable complaint redressal system
The following services are available in BBPS :
  • Quick Pay the bill
  • Bill Fetch and Payment following creating a User ID as well as Password
  • Search for Transactions and view the status through the Payment History

DMT Services

Transfers of funds are now made simple with the cash account. Cash in your cash, and then walk in at one of the Bharat Aeps merchant establishments, fill in a few details, and have the funds sent to loved ones anywhere in the country.


  • Cost-effective
  • Secure and safe transaction
  • Transfer of funds to all PSUs and private banks.
  • Free SMS alerts on each transaction
  • Near doorstep remittance facility


Key Features :


Income Tax

An income tax is a tax imposed on individuals or organizations (taxpayers) concerning their profits or income (commonly described as income tax deductible). Income tax is generally calculated by multiplying tax rates by the amount of tax-deductible income. Tax rates can differ based on the kind or characteristic of the taxpayer and the kind of income.
The taxable income of taxpayers living in the country is usually total income, less income-producing expenses, and deductions for other expenses. In general, only the net gain in the event of selling property comprising items held for sale is included in the income. The profits of a corporation’s shareholders typically comprise distributions of profits from the company. The deductions usually include the entire business or income-producing expenses and an allowance for recuperating the costs associated with business assets. Several jurisdictions allow deductions that are notional and can allow the deduction of certain personal expenses. Most jurisdictions don’t assess tax on income earned outside of the jurisdiction or permit tax credits for taxes paid to other jurisdictions on this income. Nonresidents pay taxes only on specific types of income derived from sources within the jurisdiction, with some exceptions.

Gst And Gst Return

Goods and Services Tax is an indirect tax used in India on the supply of goods and services. Register for gst and also do gst return filing from here and get attractiive commissions.

MCA Registration

Register company like llp, Nidhi pvt ltd, public ltd compant and private Ltd company.

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